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A 2-in-1 Solution

BOOKR Class is the ultimate tool to teach and improve English language learning: an easy-to-use gamified library application for students, coupled with a teacher’s dashboard displaying real-time statistics. An all-in-one solution.
Library Application
3-18 year-old users can navigate between 6 levels and access over 100 digital experiences: books, games, songs, karaoke, quizzes and flashcards. Master English with the ideal tool!
Teacher's Dashboard
Our student management area allows teachers to refer books to their pupils, assign homework and examine data about their performance in and outside of the classroom.
Carefully selected content
The reading selection of BOOKR Class was compiled by English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, experts on children’s literature and accomplished academics. The application offers titles from the classics of world literature to nursery rhymes, songs and wonderful unique stories written by our English authors, as well as additional materials concerning civilisation, cultural insights, useful expressions and situational practices.
All the titles are designed to establish the children’s reading, writing, listening and communication skills. By playing the additional educational games as well as doing the extra exercises and quizzes, they can practise grammar and test their comprehension.
Use Bookr Class with your students
To help you get started with BOOKR Class we've put together an extensive catalogue introducing our 100+ interactive e-books, games and flashcards.

You can find a detailed description of our book content along with tips how to use each book during your classroom work.
What makes BOOKR Class special?
Interactive games, flash cards and collectible awards help to improve vocabulary, language production, communication skills and pronunciation.
Songs and Karaoke
As a result of their authenticity, repetitiveness and strong rhythms, songs help to develop speaking and listening skills as well as vocabulary and grammar naturally.
6 proficiency levels
The Library offers interactive experiences to English learners from beginner to intermediate levels throughout their childhood and teenagehood.
Secured and safe environment
An entirely safe application with password-protected access, no advertisements and purely high-quality content.
Validated by Universities
The application and methodology behind BOOKR Class was developed with the assistance of top universities and tested in European schools.
Track your progress
The cyber-secure interface allows teachers to assign readings, track the reading habits and measure the performance of their students in real time.
BOOKR Class Package
BOOKR Class iOs and Android apps with annual subscription, price depends on the size of your class, school or institution

Annual or monthly payment options upon agreement

Free and unlimited access to Teacher's Dashboard

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